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Job subscription (CxJobAlert)
Job subscription (CxJobAlert)

Implement a working job subscription

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The Job Alert (CxJobAlert) is an email template that automatically sends relevant Job orders published in a certain period to subscribed Candidates.

You can use the image at the bottom to see which information we'll need when implementing the Job Alert.

Install Job alert

The Administrator is able to Install and configure the Job alert table.

Install Job alert template

Install the default Job alert email template from the template library.

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Templates'

  • Click the button [Library]

  • Search for the template
    Name: Job alert email
    Code: JobAlert

  • Click [Install]

Configure a 'Jobalert' Table

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Tables'

  • Click [New]

  • Fill in the following fields as indicated below:
    Table: Group candidate
    Select active
    Name: Jobalert
    subscriptionclass: JobAlertTag
    subscriptionscheduleclass: Choose the desired sending period (daily (DailyTag), weekly (WeeklyTag) or monthly (MonthlyTag)) (more explaination below);

  • Click [Finish]

When is the JobAlert being sent?

The chosen Tag at "subscriptionclass" determines the days a Job alert is being sent:

BiDailyTag; Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday...
TriDailyTag; Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday, Tuesday, Friday, Monday, Thursday, Sunday...
TwiceWeeklyTag; Sunday, Wednesday, Sunday
WeeklyTag; Sunday, Sunday
MonthlyTag; Every first day of the month


The newly created Table creates the group Jobalert in a Candidate-file. Candidates with this Group selected will automatically receive a weekly mailing with Job orders that are similar to the desired Functiongroup ('Files' | 'Candidates' | 'Desired-tab').
If a Functiongroup is not defined under the Desired-tab, the necessary collection of Job orders cannot be found and the mailing will not be sent.
The mailing will only be sent if there are new fitting Job orders available.

Job alert qualifications

Below you will find an overview of qualifications that will be met while automating the Job alert.

  • Publication has a Medium with medium code web ('Maintenance' | 'Media')

  • Publication Start date is in the past

  • Publication End date is in the future

  • Job order is made since the previous Job alert was sent to the Candidate

  • Open solicitation checkbox
    - ('Files' | 'Job orders')
    - Go to 'Basic-tab'
    - Go to panel 'General'
    - 'Settings', the checkbox Open solicitation is unchecked

  • Job order "Functiongroup/Function" is equal to one of the three Functions in the Desired-tab of the Candidate
    Matches in which both the Functiongroup and Function are similar will have priority over other Matches
    Every outgoing Job order-mailing has a limit of 9 Publications.

  • Job order "Region" is equal to one of the three desired Regions of the Candidate

Professional Portal

Candidates can subscribe themselves via your portal.
You can contact the Customer Succes Team for more information regarding the connection with the Job alert and your portal.


Candidates can also subscribe themselves via your website. Read the documentation on our devwiki to learn how to connect this.


  • Use the "Link" button in an email to link incoming responses to a Job order

  • The selection of send Job orders is based on the information from the Desired-tab in a Candidate-file

Necessary information

Keywords: UD-1874

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