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How to make sure candidates can do an open application?

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In Carerix a 'Match' file links a 'Job Order' from a 'Company' to a 'Candidate'. In case of an "Open Application" there is no 'Job Order' available who links to a 'Company'

Therefore Carerix contains one "Open Application - Job Order" file by default to process incoming applications. 


  1. Go to 'Job Orders'

  2. Search for the words 'Open' or 'Open Application'  

  3. If there doens't appear a 'Job Order' make a new one by pressing the [New] button

  4. Open the job order by 'Clicking' the name of the job order

  5. Make sure that the Open Application box is 'Checked' 

  6. Look for or create a 'Publication' containing this job order

  7. Check if this publication has a 'Publication Date' in the past, this prevent it from showing the application between regular job orders. 

  8. Fill in the ID Number of the 'Open Application' into the "Application Form" in your website. 

  9. Note: You may need to ask your web builder to find out where you can find this form.


  • An open 'Job Order' (job order) is only visible to administrators.

  • Removed the open 'Job Order'? Then it is no longer possible to receive open applications

  • Be aware that you can use only open 'Job Order' on your website, if you uncheck the 'Open Application Checkbox' then it will be no longer a an active open 'Job Order'

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