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Printing Timesheets - CxProfessional Portal
Printing Timesheets - CxProfessional Portal

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When using the CxProfessional Portal for the registration of worked hours it is possible to let your professional print his worked hours
(for their own administration or to let them sign by the Client) . 

This takes two steps:

  1. Installation of the Document Templates in your Carerix application.

  2. Making the Document Templates available in the CxProfessional Portal.

For step two you need the help of on of our Customer Success Consultants.
Please contact our Customer Success Team to make these Templates available in your CxProfessional Portal. 

How to install the templates in your Carerix application from the library.

The Administrator is able to install the in the Document Templates that you would like to use in Professional Portal

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Templates'

  • Go to 'Document-tab', click [Libary]

  • Go to block 'Timesheet (month)'

  • Select the preferred Time sheet
    - Template 'Timesheet (month)', click on [Install] 

Tip :
You can also search in the Libary, by using [CTRL]+F on your keyboard and to search for "Timesheet (month)"

Set settings for the Template(s):

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Templates'

  • Go to 'Document-tab', open the template "Timesheet (month)"

  • Go to panel 'Settings'
    - Visible is checked

  • Visible at (select on out of four):
    - Timesheet Candidate
    - Timesheet Placement
    - Timesheet (month) Candidate
    - Timesheet (month) Placement

  • Candidate is checked (as a Userrole)

Please, test in your own Carerix application if the Template is working as desired. If so, please contact our team to set this template active in your CxProfessional Portal.

If you wish a different format or information in your template, please contact our Customer Succes Team and let us know what you wish for. We can create Custom Template for your organisation. 

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