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Applicant has wrong Owner
Applicant has wrong Owner

What to do if an applicant has the wrong owner

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New applicants (and matches) seem to have the wrong owner. The owner of the job order is Jansen, while the candidate who applied on the job order gets the owner Pietersen. 

Reason 1

Every candidate file gets the same owner as the publication file (if the candidate file is created automatically after a job application). Apparently is the owner of the publication file Pietersen.

The owner of a publication file is set automatically to the user who has created the file.

The applicant will receive a confirmation e-mail that is sent in the name of the owner of the publication (so not the owner of the job order), reactions will arrive in the inbox of the owner of the publication.


Change the owner of the publication file to Jansen. The owner of the candidate files of applicants will automatically change to Jansen.

Note: Even applicants that apply to the job order will get there owner by the publication. In this case the publication is used that belongs to the job order with 'open application is selected'. 

Reason 2

When the applicant is already in the database, the owner of the existing file will not change after the appliance.

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