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Search on Candidate skills
Search on Candidate skills

How to search on candidate skills

Updated over a week ago


We've received messages from users who are very satisfied with the search possibilities within Carerix, but who found problems when they needed to search for candidate skills. It wasn't that the search setups (even the complex ones) were impossible, they were too laborious.


Example, you are searching for a candidate with Java, Oracle and Unix skills. If you seek those skills, you need to make sure that you think of all the synonyms that are involved with those skills and perhaps even create multiple search lines. This has been changed.

  1. Go to the candidate list

  2. Create a search line

  3. Choose the bottom option: Skills.skills

  4. Click on the icon at the right end of your search line. An overview of all skills in your Carerix system is shown; and every skill has a check box.

  5. Tick the boxes for the relevant skills and then OK.

  6. Click search.

Note: if there are important skills missing, ask your administrator to add them by using Tables.

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