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Add picture to candidate
Add picture to candidate

How to add a picture to a candidate?

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To show a picture of a candidate, an attachment of the right type must be available at the candidate.

Preparation: create type document

Go through the steps below once: Add table item "Type document":

  • Log in as Administrator

  • Go to Maintenance | Tables

  • Search for the table "Document type attachment"

  • Check if there is a line with parent "PhotoTag". If this isn't, create this line.

  • Click [New] and fill in the fields:
    Table: "Type Document";
    Item: Photograph;
    Active: ON;
    Document classification: PhotoTag;
    User roles: Select all the user roles that are allowed to see the document type attachment.

  • [Save] the changes

Usage: Add picture to candidate

You repeat this process for every candidate:

  • Open the candidate in Carerix

  • Go to the Attachments tab

  • Follow the instructions to add an Attachment. See add attachment.
    - Choose as type document:  photograph (if this type is not visible, ask your Administrator to follow the steps as described at preparation above.)

Note: Use the file type JPG/Jpeg/GIF

Show picture

  • The picture is visible at the general tab of the candidate, and in the match.

  • If there are more pictures available, the picture is chosen randomly. Delete the old picture or give this another type if you add a new photograph.


  • The view in the general tab is 150px wide, 140px high.
    So it is not necessary to upload large images to candidates.

  • The view in matches: the picture needs to be loaded every time. Using large files gives delay.

  • The method is the same for contacts and users.

  • A simple tool to edit images is:

Keywords: UD-1735

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