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Some of the Carerix information is stored on your own computer: You are using Carerix, so you probably have the address <customer> in your bookmarks.

Also, some information is kept in so-called "cookies". This is information about the last searches you performed in Carerix. Finally: the Token used for Token Based Access is stored in a cookie.


Sometimes this local information becomes corrupt, causing Carerix to malfunction. Typical symptoms are any of:

  • Unable to log on because the Token is wrong, resetting the token doesn't help

  • The display of the Carerix page is wrong e.g:
    - To the right of the menu is the menu yet again
    - Pulldown menus have the wrong content, like owners instead of statuses etc.

  • Session is "lost": Carerix tells you "due to inactivity", even though you actually were active.

All these problems stem from local information being "off".


In these cases, you may solve the issue by making a "clean start": Remove all local information and get everything "fresh" from the Carerix server.


  • Ask your Carerix administrator to switch off Token Based Access for now

  • Remove all bookmarks, shortcuts and/or favourites about <customer>

  • Remove all temporary internet files and especially any cookies. Ask your network administrator to assist if necessary.
    Note that sometimes you have to repeat this a few times, as browsers can be quite persistent in remembering these.

  • Restart your browser

  • Go to: http://<customer>
    Make sure you are not logged in automatically, and that no username/password are filled in yet

  • Select "Refresh all" (Ctrl-F5) to refresh the page

  • If you want, you can bookmark this page

  • Enter username and password, select [x] Save the password on this computer, if you want

  • Login

  • When applicable, you can ask your Carerix administrator to switch TBA back on. Remember that the first login should come from your work computer.

NB: Never bookmark a Carerix page when you are already logged in: Internet Explorer will not just remember the URL, but some session information as well. This session information will have expired the next time you use the bookmark, causing problems later on.
Always bookmark when you are at the login page.

Keywords : UD-1160

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