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Get logout frequently | Error at login

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Making use of shortcut (Bookmark) in your Browser makes it it easier to open your Carerix Application.

When you are frequently logged out of your application or when you get an error message at the login

Cause and background

The shortcut (bookmark, favourites) is a link that will bring you to the Carerix login page with one click.
When you created the shortcut while been logged in, can cause being frequently "thrown out" of the Carerix application. This happens because the shortcut contains 'session specific information'

This causes : Session are unique and the information in the URL wil cause a conflict with the new session.
The Carerix application will detect this and will automatically logout, to prevent misuse.


Follow the steps to create a new shortcut :

  1. Log in in Carerix, without the AutoLogin
    You may have to log out first to get into the login screen.

  2. Type in the browser addressbar :  - change example with your application name

  3. Create a shortcut/favourite/bookmark of the login screen.

  4. Login again with the AutoLogin on, if you want to use this.


  • First login and then create a shortcut can lead to problems because the browser will save more information then only the URL
    When you create the shortcut in the way we have described in this article then the problem would not appear any more.

  • The problem can still appear when running/clicking the shortcut and AutoLogin-ON several times in a short time period.

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