It can take quite some time to keep track of the timesheets manually in Excel. The dashboard "Check timesheets" ends this. This dashboard will keep you up-to-date with every timesheet. It also shows timesheets where comments are added. 

This dashboard can be downloaded from the Document template library. 

  • Go to 'Maintenance'

  • Go to 'Templates' | tab 'Document'

  • Click on [Library]

  • Search the document template "Check timesheets" and click on "Install"

  • Search the template in the document templates, and open the template.

  • Select the options: "Show as Dashboard" and "Open in main window"


The dashboard is only able to show the timesheets when the table Declaration type has the code CWH:External.

  • Go to 'Maintenance' -|'Tables

  • Go to table "Declaration type"

  • Open the types of declaration that need to show in the Dashboard and fill here in the codefield "CWH:External" in.

  • Now, the hours that have that declaration type, will show in the Dashboard.


Keywords: UD-1062

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