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Not enough hours filled in timesheet
Not enough hours filled in timesheet

Cause and Solution

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You make use of the Timesheets module in Carerix.
What to do when you get the warning that not enough hours are filled in, when there are enough hours in the timesheet. 


Every declaration type needs to be linked to a entity (hours, kilometers, etc). This way, a separation is made between hours and other entities.

The chosen declaration type in the timesheet is not linked to the right entity. The system thinks that there are no hours filled in. 


Open the table item of the declaration type that you used in the timesheet and choose the entity hours.


  1. Click 'Maintenance' - 'Tables'

  2. In the selection menu, choose "Declaration type" and click [Filter]

  3. Open the table item "Normal (hr)'
    - You see the window "Table item Normal (hr)"

  4. Go to "Unit" and put it on "Hour"

  5. Click [Save] to save your changes

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