Only an Administrator can install new Dashboards

  • Go to the 'Maintenance'  |'Templates'

  • Go to the 'Document-tab' 

  • Click on the button [Library] (Make sure your browser accepts new pop-ups)

  • Look up block 'Dashboard'

  • Click the button [Install] behind the Template that you want to install

  • Now Re-login to make your 'Dashboard' visible 

  • Go back to the 'Document-tab'

  • Search for the Dashboard you just added, click on it to open

  • Set the template visible at Reports

  • Select 'Show as a dashboard',
    to show the new Dashboard in the Dashboard list

  • Set 'Available for', User/Userroles that may see/use this Dashboard.

  • Click [Save}

Keywords : UD-1060 

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