Cannot print a file

You want to print files but the 'print button' is not working (button is greyed out)

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The reason is that there is no 'Print template' available. Or the logged in user doesn't have the rights to use the template. The solution is to make the template available for everyone. This can be done by an Administrator.


Install the template

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Templates'

  • Go to the 'Document-tab'

  • Open the Template Library by clicking on the [Library] button

  • Search for the entity (for example Timesheet candidate)
    Every entity has its own Print template

  • Look for 'Standard print template'

  • Click on [Install] to install the template

  • Relogin to see the changes

Give access to user role

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Templates'

  • Go to the 'Document-tab'

  • Use the following searchfilter:
    "Afdruksjabloon" is "Yes"
    "Entity" is equal to "the specific entity"

  • Open the desired template and select the desired user roles.

  • Click [Save] to save the changes


  • There is a user role "Candidate".
    Select this User role to let candidates be able to print.

Keywords : UD-1393

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