The 'Expiring documents dashboard' shows in one handy overview all documents stored in Carerix who will expire shortly. The dashboard can be installed from the 'Document templates library' and requires some configuration after installation.

Operation of the dashboard

Go to 'Dashboards', choose the 'Expiring documents' dashboard. Choose a period between which the expiry date of the expired documents must be. If this is arranged in this way, choose for which location and which user you want to filter. Press ‘Submit’ and the dashboard will now be generated.

Operation of the documents

Go to the file of one specific Candidate or Placement and press the 'Attachments' tab. Upload a document and give it a type that can be displayed on the dashboard, such as a 'certificate' or passport for example.

Go to the Admin tab of the Candidate or the Basic tab of the Placement, if it is a placement document. See the 'Documents' header, which shows the document types with an expiration date. Enter the expiration date of the document and upload the relevant attachment.

If the document meets the Dashboard parameters, it will show as soon as you open the Dashboard and filter on the data in question.

Configuration of the dashboard

First download the ‘Dashboard expiring documents’ in the ‘Reports’ section in the document library. Please mark at the ‘Settings’ panel in the document template the checkboxes “Show in hints panel (in file)’, ‘Show as a dashboard’ and ‘Open in main window’. By doing this the dashboard will be visible in Carerix and will not open in an additional window. Set this dashboard visible for the user roles to you liking if needed.

The 'Expiring documents dashboard' shows documents that meet the following criteria:

  • The "Valid to" date falls within the "From-to" period is selected on the dashboard

  • The document falls under the Ownership and the Office of the person viewing the dashboard

  • The Document type that is shown has the word 'EXPIREDDOCS' in the table 'document Candidate' and 'document Placement' next to the export code. So add this code in the table items

  • The Candidate or Placement to be displayed has checked a group where the export code contains the word 'EXPIREDDOCS'. To do this, create a group and place the code in the table item

Although the 'From' and the 'To' options will always be visible for filtering, it is possible to specify 'Locations' and 'Users' as filter options.

Therefore it is needed to create two additional fields via 'Tables' and 'User attribute', namely;

  • Expiry documents for all locations
    Enter in the code field; EXPIREDDOCSPERM: exactly

  • Expiration documents own location
    Enter in the code field; EXPIREDDOCSPERM: agency

If these tables are not created, the user can only see the expiring documents under his own ownership!

When the document is expired, but it doesn't show in the dashboard?

If the document has an expiration date that is in the past, but still does not show on the dashboard, then investigate the following and check the device according to the explanation 'Device dashboard' in this article;

  • Perhaps the code field in the table 'document Candidate' and/or 'document Placement' does not contain the required code 'EXPIREDDOCS', add it after all

  • Check whether the Candidate and / or the Placement has been checked in the checkbox 'expired documents' in the groups section on these file

  • If no check box can be found there, then perform the required setup for creating a group on the Candidate and / or the Placement via Tables as described above

  • A user only sees his / her own documents and also wants to see documents with an expired/expiring term from colleagues. Then make sure that the device part of 'user attribute' is set correctly

Please note: the expiring documents can be found on the Admin tab in the candidate file. If the user does not have the right to see the Admin file, it is also not possible to view expiring documents. This can be (de)activated via the user role(s).

The same applies to Candidate files that are on 'Confidential'. These are not shown on the Dashboard.

Notification 'Expired documents' via email

It is also possible to receive a notification by email on the expiration date of a document with a candidate and/or placement. See for this the article 'Notification Expired documents'.

Keywords: UD-2873

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