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Delete temporary files
Delete temporary files

How to delete temporary files?

Updated over a week ago

To solve a problem in Carerix, it can help to delete the temporary files (cache) of the browser. Symptoms can be:

  • Appointment date is not right

  • The menu on the left is not correct

  • Expanding menu's doesn't work

  • Lists aren't right

  • You see a error message that keeps repeating

  • A problem occurs on your computer, but not on the computer of your colleague.


  1. Log out and close all tabs/windows

  2. Open a empty tab

  3. Delete all temporary files:
    - Key combination Ctrl+Shift+Delete (Keep Ctrl and Shift pressed, then click Delete)
    - For Google Chrome, make sure that 'From first use' is selected.
    - Click 'Delete'

  4. Close your browser and login in Carerix (make sure you use: https://


  • For Safari on Mac: Command+Option+E

  • For Chrome on Mac: Command+Shift+Delete

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