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Restore deleted Companies files
Restore deleted Companies files

How to restore archieved/deleted companies files

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In Carerix you work with several types of files. You can add/create them and when you don't need them anymore you can delete them.
Sometimes by mistake you delete a file that you still need, for most of the files a restore is possible


  • Login as Administrator

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Companies'

  • Go to the 'Archived'-Tab'

  • Select the file that needs to be restored.

  • Click [Restore]

Restore multiple files by using search lines in the removed tab. E.g. filter on candidates removed on the same date.


  • Deleted Matches can NOT be restored : Deletion is permanent.

  • E-mails that you have archived can be found on the 'Archived'-tab, per User.
    The user is able to restore the e-mail(s) without help of an Administrator.

  • There is an extra option possible for deleting/archiving e-mail, in Trash'-tab, [Action] , 'Delete definitely'

Keywords : UD-177


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