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Send Candidate to Companies
Send Candidate to Companies

Present a candidate to several Companies

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You want to present a top Candidate to several Contacts. This activity is sometimes called a 'man in the hand' or a 'spontaneous offer'.

In this article you will find instructions for performing a 'man in the hand activity'.


Present a Candidate to several Contacts of several Companies by email as follows:

  • Click in the menu 'Files' | 'Candidates'

  • Open the file of the candidate you want to present, the candidate appears in the context bar.

  • Click in the menu on 'Contacts'.

  • Use the Searchlines to find all the Contacts you want

  • Select all the Contacts whom you want to send the candidate 

  • Open the selection menu at 'Select Email' and select the template 'Inform about candidate+CV/Profile'
     (if the template is not there, ask your Administrator to install the template. The steps for installing this template are described below at Preparation)


Monitor progress

Monitor the progress by using a Match when you suggest the candidate to the Company. This way a candidate will be in the regular match stage process so the progress can be monitored. The method for matching the candidate:

  • Open the 'Files'| 'Candidate'

  • Click on the tab 'Find Job'

  • Search for the company in question

  • Select this Company and choose 'Add to matches'

Note: The candidate can't be matched to a company if the candidate already is matched to a job order of the same company.


Are you going to call the contacts? Then it is smart to create tasks so you remember who to call. 

  • After sending the email, open the selection menu at [Action]

  • Select the action 'Create activity' and click [OK] and [OK] again

  • You see the new Activity for the selection of contacts

  • Fill in a date and a subject, click on [Create activity] and [OK]

Under the tab 'My Tasks' the menu Activities - Tasks is now the reminder to call the contacts. In the tab Activities at the selected Contacts can you see the same reminder.


Installing the template 'Inform about candidate + CV/Profile' for the the 'man in the hand' activity.

  • Log in as Administrator

  • Go to Maintenance | Templates

  • Click the tab Email

  • Click the button [Library], a new window opens with the 'Carerix Template Library'

  • In this Library, go to the section 'Contacts (File)'

  • Click behind Inform about candidate+CV/Profile on [Install]

  • Log out and in again

The template is now installed, and is visible at de selection menu Choose Email in the Contact section.

You can edit the template yourself, or the Carerix Team can customize it for you. There will be costs if the Carerix Team customizes your template.

Job order "--"

You see matches with a job order which seems to not exist.

  • Searching on the job order number gives no result

  • If you go to the match, there is "--" at the job order

This is not an error, but a hidden fake job order, that is necessary to link a candidate to a company.

At the XML-interface a job order like this will be indicated as hidden.

Keywords: UD-1771

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