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E-mail to different address
E-mail to different address
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Sometimes you want to send a mail to a different e-mail address. For example: a confirmation for a meeting to a contact. Normal you'll send the mail to the contact itself, but now this mail needs to go to the secretary...


Select 'other' at the e-mail address and fill in the new address.


As example a message to contact Jan Janssen:

  1. Select the e-mail template;

  2. In the e-mail window you see:
    Jan Janssen

  3. Instead of "Work" you choose: "Other"

  4. The e-mail address is empty now. Fill in the desired e-mail address and send the mail as you're used to.

Remark: It seems to go wrong. The name of the addressee ("Jan Janssen") is not adjustable.
This is taken into account: when sending the mail the name that belongs to the original address is removed. 

  • If the e-mail is familiar in Carerix, the corresponding name is filled in.

  • If the e-mail is not familiar in Carerix, no name will be added to the address.

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