Is the mailing sent?

How to see if a mailing is sent

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You can send mailings from Carerix. Sometimes the need is there to check if a mailing is sent.

Globally the method for sending a mailing:

  1. Make a selection of addressees

  2. Choose an e-mail template

  3. Choose 'Generate e-mail(s)'

  4. An window shows up with a progress bar

  5. When the progress bar is 100%, the window disappears

Internal actions

The e-mails aren't send immediately, because this would take to long. Instead, the Carerix system does the following:

  1. Create a 'bulk e-mail' activity with subject 'Send E-mails'.
    This activity contains the instructions to perform the mailing.

  2. For every addressee, a 'bulk e-mail' activity is created with the subject 'Send E-mail'. You can find this activity at 'System activities'.

  3. These activities are converted to real e-mails in the background, with the subject as set in the template.

Check progression

You can check the progression at 'system activities'. 

  • Immediately after sending, the amount of bulk e-mail activities is equal to the amount of addressees.

  • When more e-mails are sent, the amount of bulk e-mail activities goes down.

  • Eventually all e-mails are at 'all sent', the amount of these mails needs to be equal to the amount of addressees.

Tip: When sending more than 1000 is the estimate on top of the list activities not accurate. To see the exact amount, use the document template 'exact count'.

Send remaining emails after problems

When there was a problem, causing that the mailing is not completely sent, you can send the remaining e-mails with the following method:

Step 1: Create a group

First, create a group in the tables

  1. Go to 'Maintenance'

  2. Go to 'Tables'

  3. Click on 'New'

  4. Fill in the fields

  5. Click on [Save] to save the group

Step 2: Make a selection

The mailing is sent based on a search filter. Perform this search filter again.

  1. Select all the candidates/contacts that you wanted to send the mail to in the beginning, so also the users who already received the mail.

  2. Click 'Choose action' - 'Add to group' and choose the group you just created in Step 1.

Step 3: Remove addressees who already received the mail

  1. Clear the search filter from step 2 and replace it with:
    Group | is equal to | [the group you created in step 1]
    E-mail.Subject | is equal to | [the exact subject of the mail]
    You get the selection who received the mail.

  2. Select all and Choose action 'Remove from group'.
    The users who received the mail are now removed from the group.

The remaining users in the group are the users who haven't received the mail.
Send the mailing to this group.


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