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Carerix e-mail address of user
Carerix e-mail address of user
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You receive e-mail on "" in a mail client such as Outlook. You want this e-mail to arrive in Carerix as well. In order to do this you first read the wiki page E-Mail settings you still receive errors e.g. the e-mail bounced and you wonder what is wrong, read on.


You are not using the Carerix e-mail address.


Each Carerix user has 2 e-mail addresses:

By definition, the Carerix e-mail address is . E-mail sent to any other address might arrive in a mail client like Outlook, but not in the Carerix application.


Assume your user name (= login name) is "johnsmith" and the name of your company "smithrecruitment".
The correct Carerix e-mail address will be ''''


Take into account the Carerix e-mail address changes when a user name is changed.

Assume you change your user name from "johnsmith" to "jsmith".

The address '''' will then no longer function.
The correct address will be

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