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Answered e-mails don't show in Carerix
Answered e-mails don't show in Carerix

Troubleshooting | Why doesn't te reply on an e-mail show in Carerix?

Updated over a week ago

You have sent an e-mail from Carerix. You should have already received a reply, but it does not show in Carerix. How is that possible?

When sending an e-mail, you have 2 options in the field 'from':

  1. Carerix e-mail address from user (
    This way the mail will get a sender address like: "<name>@<client>". A reply on this mail will show in Carerix.

  2. Business e-mail address from user (
    In this case the message will get the sender address that the owner of the message has filled in at "My account". A reply will not show in Carerix.

It is also possible to let Carerix fetch your personal e-mail so that all e-mails will show in Carerix.
You can find more information about it, on this page.

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