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Task can't be deleted
Task can't be deleted
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You want to delete tasks in Carerix but the button to delete te task is grey or you want to delete tasks by "Choose action - delete" and you see the notification that you don't have the rights to delete a task.


Insufficient rights

You get the message:
*** The action is performed on X of Y files. For X files is the action not allowed, or you don't have enough rights. ***

This indicates that the user role of the user that is logged in doesn't have the proper rights to delete tasks. Check this using the following method:

  1. Check the owner of the task (is this the user that is logged in or someone else?).

  2. Go to 'Management' - 'User roles' - The user role of the user that is logged in.

  3. Verify that the user can delete tasks. 

The task is used in a invoice line

Are the rights set correctly? Then there is probably an invoice line that is created based on the task. First delete this invoice line. Then the task can be deleted.

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