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Carerix Seamless for Mobile - Tasks

Task overview & details

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The Task menu in Carerix Seamless for mobile shows you all Task records in your system. You have the possibility to check your own Tasks, own Tasks that have a 'to do' status, all Tasks and archived Tasks. Which Tasks you can see, hence which filters are at your disposal, depends on your User role

Of course it is possible to filter on a date range selecting one of those filters will give you all Tasks that are due within the selected time frame:

  • Today

  • This week

  • Last week

  • Next 7 days

  • This month

  • Next 30 days

By default Seamless for Mobile will show all Tasks of the logged in user, with a due date on today.

Task Overview

In the Task overview you will find a list of Tasks. It will show:

  • The subject of the Task

  • The owner of the Task

  • The Tasks status

Opening the preview pane by clicking on the arrow on the right will show some additional information:

  • The type of Task (if available)

  • The Office in Carerix the Task is related too

  • The due date

  • Related records (Candidate, Company, Job order, Contact, Match)

Task Details

Opening the Task itself is possible by clicking on its subject in the list. The Task detail simply provides above mentioned information and the full content of the Task

For mobile users convenience the content is truncated and can be enlarged/completed by clicking on the 'show more' button on the bottom of the content. The content can be truncated again by clicking on 'show less'.

The uploads tab is available to see possible added attachments.

Task creation
It is possible to create Tasks from your Seamless for mobile application:

  • The User just opens the entity s/he wants to create a Task for. Use the blue icon on the bottom to create an activity: 

  • Select 'Task' and proceed in the process. The User will be asked to provide a subject line and/or Task content before you can click on the proceed button.

  • After clicking on proceed, one can edit date/time, confidentiality, status, type of Task and its result.

  • Clicking on save will save the Task and it will be linked to the entity one started the Task creation from.

  • Note: its not possible to change the owner

Keywords : UD-2866

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