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Release 5.0.193 // 2 March 2018
Release 5.0.193 // 2 March 2018

Textkernel Search! update, User menu in Configuration Profiles & GDPR update (5)

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This two weekly Carerix release update is a pre-release note. We would like to give you more insights in upcoming changes and give you the opportunity and time to prepare/adapt to upcoming feature releases, updates and bug fixes. In two weeks from now this update will be live. In this Carerix Release (5.0.193) the following updates are included:

Textkernel Search! - multilingual synonyms automatically ticked!

Textkernel Search for several years is one of our most beloved add-ons because it enables you to search over multiple sources in one go. Rightfully we got the question why the multilingual synonyms were not ticked by default, so we decided to change this. From release 193 all multilingual synonyms will be ticked right away. In this way we make sure that you get the best international candidates in your search result!

Bulk email & Send list functionality - update to meet security demands

Until today using the send list or bulk email functionality in Carerix - e.g. to present multiple candidates to multiple contacts - one could easily change the sending email address into an email address of one of their peers. As this does no longer meet our security standards, this functionality is added to our user role permissions structure. This means that one is only able to select others email address in case their permissions for email creation are allowing them to.

The create permissions of the user role determine what the users options are within the send list functionality:

  • None: a user will not be able to send any email - the functionality will be disabled for the particular users with this user role

  • Owner: a user will be able to select only those users they are the owner of in the Carerix system as a sender. In practice only (light)admins can be the owner of a user

  • Office: a user will be able to select all users that belong to the same office as a sender

  • All: a user will be able to select all users in the Carerix system as a sender.

For more information about the send list functionality and for what purposes you can use it, please refer to our Knowledge base.

Added the user menu to configuration profiles

In release 192 we announced that the my profile section was added to the configuration profile, in release 193 also the user menu is added. Now it is possible to restrict (hide or set read only) some fields in the user chart. This further secures the possibility to give users light admin roles without having to give them full rights on the user files.

Improved Process flow for Task Templates

With task templates together with triggers you are able to create workflows in which task creation can be automated. Due to its origin Tasks that are automatically created always are created with the owner equal to the owner of the file the created task is related to.

With a small adjustment we added the option to the task template to choose whether you want the automatically created task to have the owner equal to the file it is related to or equal to the owner as is specified in the task template. With this change it also is possible to have flows in which the task owner will always be the same person.

GDPR (5) - Added trigger events and adjustments for anonymisation tool

Anonymisation tool

For quite a while already we offer the possibility to anonymize candidate records in you Carerix system. As for security reasons it is not always desired that anyone in the system has access to the tool we added the option to the user role to disable the tool for a user role. In this way you are better able to distinguish different types of users and protect your database against human error or sabotage. Unticking the checkbox in the user role will disable all anonimysation options for the particular user role: the button in the candidate file and the (bulk) action...-menu item.


Added event: 'GDPR: consent status is set to...'

With this trigger event it will be possible to automatically change information in the system upon the change of the status. For next release we will complete the set of triggers with trigger actions for setting the consent stage and setting the date of consent upon several trigger events.

What else can you expect from Carerix with regard to GDPR

In the upcoming weeks and months we will update the system with other feature updates that together with the date and status of consent will provide you with a set of tools that will help you monitoring the status of the consent and if the consent is about to expire, revoked or renewed. Next to that we will offer tooling to align interfacing software like your website with this new functionality.

What is already available?

  • Anonimization tool to easily anonimize candidates in case they wish their personal data to be removed from your database

  • Consent date registration field (interface & REST API)

  • Consent status registration field (interface & REST API)

  • REST API toolkit to set consent date, status and period during application (for (web) developers)

  • Setting for Carerix Social Scoial Browser to prevent profile pictures to be downloaded while saving candidates (optional)

  • Update of the Carerix WordPress Plugin to set consent date and status during application

  • Update of the Carerix WordPress Plugin to add a checkbox and a link to your privacy statement next to the apply button

  • Candidate consent period field

  • Candidate consent expiry date

  • Search lines for consent date & consent status

  • Overview updates for consent date & consent status

  • Triggers to send notifications to recruiters upon the expiration date of the consent

  • Make Anonymization tool available per user role (instead of for all)

March/April 2018

  • Trigger action to change the consent status upon f.e. the - expiration of the - consent date

  • Trigger action to change the consent date upon f.e. a final match stage

  • Visualisation of the consent in the match files

  • Default white label e-mail template to ask candidates for (renewed) consent with automatic registration of result (YES/NO) and update of consent date if applicable

  • Default white label e-mail template to send a candidate all information you stored in your database


  • Send list functionality | Added the selection of a (different) sender to the user role permissions

  • Textkernel Search! | Automatically ticked multilingual synonyms

  • GDPR | Added the option to exclude the anonymisation tools for a user role

  • GDPR | Added a trigger event for the consent status

  • Configuration profiles | Added the user menu to cofiguration profiles

  • Task Templates | Assign a fixed owner for automatically created (triggered) tasks based on task templates


  • Google Chrome 65 | Patched the software to be compatible with Chrome latest updates.

  • Social Browser | Fixed a bug that falsely deletes a user when you imported the same user as a contact through our Socialbrowser

  • New match wizard | Fixed a bug with creation of new candidate via new match wizard not setting the gender

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