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Tasks in Carerix are created whenever an action has to take place with a specific deadline. That does not have to be a meeting (these will show up in the calendar), but when an action has to take place. The task can, if necessary, be set with a reminder, that reminds the user of the action, and checked in both the Task overview and the Dashboard. 

This shows an overview of the Tasks:

The numbers in the image correspond with the following parts in Carerix:

  1. My Tasks; your personal tasks

  2. All Tasks; an overview of all tasks

  3. Archived; all deleted tasks 

  4. Filter profile; search with previously saved search terms. Create a search profile to save a search, which is efficient for frequently used searches. 

  5. Search line; search by filling in search terms

  6. New; create a new task

  7. Click on task to open and edit.

  8. Action; select the task and choose a desired action

  9. Preview; shows the content of the Task

The task module offers the following possibilities:

  • Create a task from an e-mail

  • Link to a Match, Candidate, Contact, Job Order, Placement or Company

  • Repeating tasks

  • Setting a warning notification

  • Setting a Task-type

  • Set to Confidential: through this panel you can set a file to Confidential and for which user role this task may be visible. When the Confidential box is ticked, the file is only available for the Owner of the task, and possibly users that have been set in the user role below. When a user is not authorised to see the Task, the task will not be visible anywhere for them. 

Keywords: UD-122

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