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Restore deleted Candidate files
Restore deleted Candidate files

How to restore a Candidate file(s)

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In Carerix you work with several types of files. You can add/create them and when you don't need them anymore you can delete them.
Sometimes by mistake you delete a file that you still need, for most of the files a restore is possible


  1. Login as Administrator

  2. Click to the files type you need to restore 'Candidates'

  3. Select the file that needs to be restored.

  4. Click "Restore".

Restore multiple files by using search lines in the removed tab. E.g. filter on candidates removed on the same date.


  • Deleted Matches can NOT be restored : Deletion is permentant.

  • E-mails that youy have archieved can be found on the 'Archived'-tab, per User. The user is able to restore the e-mail(s) without help of an Administrator.

  • There is an exfra option possible for deleting/archiving e-mail, in Trash'-tab, [Action] , 'Delete definely'

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