Confidential e-mails

An incoming mail is automatically set to confidential if the text 'confidential' is in the subject.

Create a contact/candidate file from sender

If the sender, when the e-mail arrives, isn't in the Carerix system. Then you can create a new contact/candidate file with one of the action buttons behind the sender. See also remove suggested e-mail address from suggestion list

Create task or appointment from an e-mail

If you would like to create a task or appointment for yourself after receiving an e-mail, then click on the button [Create task]. The subject and content of the e-mail are copied from the e-mail into the task. This also works if you want to see the content of the e-mail when you are in a task.

A benefit is that the content of the e-mail is directly shown to you in the task or appointment.


  • Every e-mail address is stored and will appear once you start typing your e-mail

  • Every e-mail will automatically link to every previous or e-mail that is send after that message (the thread)

  • Every e-mail is visible in every relevant file (at the tab 'Activities') so every file is up-to-date.

Keywords: UD-87

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