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Applications and e-mail
Applications and e-mail

The automatic e-mails that are sent when someone applies

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You can link the Carerix system to your own website: Publications in Carerix are shown on your own website.

As a result of the application, Carerix sends an automatic e-mail.
This article describes the different kinds of e-mails

E-mail templates

When sending these e-mails, Templates with certain codes are used.
If the Template with that code is missing, no e-mail is sent. 

Codes and the purpose of the messages.

web-confirm: Confirmation to candidate

When a candidate applies, an automatic e-mail is sent. For this message the template with code web-confirm is used. The message is a confirmation of the appliance.

web-notify: Notification to owner publication

When a candidate applied, action from your side needs to be taken. The owner of the Publication gets a message based on this Template.


Possible duplicate

  • Last name + date of birth are the same

  • Zip-code + date of birth are the same

  • City + date of birth are the same

In these cases, the notification 'possible duplicate' is given.

Likely duplicate

  • Last name + zip-code + date of birth are the same

  • Social security id is the same

In these cases, Carerix assumes that it is the same candidate.
No notification is given and Carerix will work with the existing candidate-file.

Keywords : UD-1901

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