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E-Mail - Confidential
E-Mail - Confidential

Several possibilities to assist in handling confidential messages

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Single message


When you compose a new e-mail message, put a checkmark at the 'Confidential' box to render this message invisible for all users in the system except for the owner (you) and the recipients.


  • When a message arrives, you can open it and mark it as "Confidential". From that moment on, the message is invisible to others. It only shows in your e-mail and the Activiities tab of the linked file for your eyes. It is not visible in 'All received' for other users, nor is it visible in the Activities tab for anyone but you.

  • Incoming messages that have the word "Confidential" (or: in dutch: "Vertrouwelijk" in the subject are automatically flagged as private.

  • A reply to a private e-mail is also flagged private upon arrival. All replies remain confidential until the 'Confidential' option is un-ticked or when a new e-mail thread has started.

All messages from contact or candidate

If you want to set all messages from a certain contact or candidate confidential by default, you can open the contact/candidate file, scroll down to the box containing 'Contact information'.

Near the e-mail address field you will find a checkbox: "Incoming E-mail [_]Confidential (Incoming e-mails are set to confidential by default)". Check this box to have all incoming messages from this contact/candidate's address set to confidential.

All your messages

If you want all messages sent to you or by you to be confidential, use the options found at My account > E-mail confidentiality. You can differentiate between either all incoming mail, all outgoing mail, both or none at all. When these boxes are ticked, the confidentiality box in your e-mails is always ticked and your e-mails will never be visible for others, unless you untick the box in the e-mails you do want to share with your colleagues.

Messages from co-workers outside Carerix

There will be situations where messages are sent by co-workers that must be treated confidentially. For example, a message from management (not Carerix users themselves) should always be confidential. To set this up, proceed as follows:

  1. Create a user, for example: "Management"

  2. Leave this user inactive, so it doesn't count against your number of seats

  3. Enter the e-mail address, e.g. ""

  4. Put a checkbox at
    Incoming E-mail: [_] Confidential

  5. Save this user

When a message arrives at Carerix, Carerix will see this inactive user, will notice that e-mail from this address should be treated confidentially. The message will be marked accordingly.

To send a confidential message to a co-worker, just check this Confidential box as mentioned above.

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