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E-mail - add attachment to Candidate file
E-mail - add attachment to Candidate file

How to add an attachment from an e-mail to a Candidate file

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You receive an attachment in a e-mail and you want to add this attachment to a candidate file.


Did you receive the e-mail in Outlook? Send the mail to your Carerix e-mail address.


Is the e-mail in your Carerix system, then use the following method to add the attachment to the candidate file:

  • Open the tab 'Attachments' from the e-mail message;

  • Open the desired attachment;
    - You see the window "Attachment"

  • Click the button [Link] and click on the radio button to search for a candidate;

  • Click on the candidate that you want to add the attachment to;

  • Click [Finish].

You can also link the e-mail to the candidate. To do this: click [Link] from the e-mail itself. The e-mail appears on the Activities tab of the candidate.

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