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Matches/Candidate count is incorrect
Matches/Candidate count is incorrect
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After file mutations in Carerix, specifically with Matches and Candidates it sometime happens that the counters will show a wrong count.
In this article we will explain why the counter sometimes shows a count mismatch and how it will be corrected.


When you will go to list of 'Vacancies', the column 'Matches', will shows how many matches are made for each 'Vacancy'
In the list of 'Candidates' you will see the count of matches for each 'Candidate'

When keeping the 'Matches' count in mind, opening a specific file and checking the actual count on the 'Matches' tab, then you could find a different count.


In the list off 'Vacancies' you will find  'Vacancy X" with 5 'Matches'
When looking on the 'Matches' tab, you will find  the same 'Vacancy X' with 6 'Matches'


For technical reasons there is a counter on the 'Vacancy list', a counter that is not showing to "live up to date" count.

This counter should show to right count of vacancies and it should be automatically updated when a match is added or deleted for a vacancy.

In same cases it is not possible to update the counter correctly.


When you see a counter mismatch you do not have to do anything.
All counters will be recalculated in the database overnight. The counters will be corrected and the next day they will show the corrected/up to date count.

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