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Computer Telephony Integration (CTI + VoIP)
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI + VoIP)

Calling Candidates or Contacts has become very easy

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Inbound and outbound calling has just become easier; together with our two partners Hallo and Mondago, it has become possible to integrate VOIP and CTI with Carerix, so when you receive a candidate phone call, the name of the candidate shows in a pop-up and you can click to jump to the Carerix profile.
When calling a Candidate in Carerix, you can simply click on a button and the system will start calling. 

To connect your integration to Carerix, please contact your Account Manager. You will pay a one time set-up fee and a monthly recurring fee, and Carerix will activate the setings for the dial buttons in your Carerix.


Calling candidates or contacts has become very easy. In the image below you see in yellow the phone icon in both the detail screen and the preview of the candidate/contact file. Simply click the phone icon and the phone number will be sent to your VOIP/CTI system in question. Your system will then dial the number. 

Dial button behind phone numbers in detailscreen

Dial button behind phone numbers in preview


When a Candidate or Contact calls you, you can click the number that pops up, and the profile of the Candidate/Contact-file will open in a new Carerix tab. 

Each time a new Carerix tab will be loaded with the candidate details.
You need to click [remember the password] during your Carerix login otherwise you need to login each time to actually see the candidate/contact file. 


Mondago and Carerix created the integration together which Hallo and other telephony partners can use in their VOIP and Analog telephony software. 

VOIP provider

The first step to take is to take a look at your current provider. If you use another VOIP provider already, and you want to stay with your current provider, please contact our Mondago partner and check the Mondago website to see whether your current Telephone system is supported. If you want to switch providers, please contact our partner at Hallo.  

Activate VOIP Settings (Dial buttons)

  • Go to "Maintenance" | "Settings"

  • Go to block "VOIP", field enableVOIP

  • Click on [Activate]


You need software on each local computer that will be setup by either your existing telephony provider or Hallo. If they need help they are able to call Mondago for specific information.

Dial buttons

You can use the dial button in Carerix and your telephone will be used and with an inbound call you see the VOIP software pop-up and you can click to open the candidate detail screen in Carerix.

Technical details

To link your Carerix application and the phone system, 2 values from Carerix need to be provided tot either Mondago or your telephony provider, depending on who is handling the activation for you.

  • Appname: this is your Carerix system-name. Is your url '' than your application name is 'customer'.

  • XML password: an administrator can find this in your application.
    Left menu click Settings
    Scroll down to XML-interface
    The field 'xmlPassword' contains your password

  • You can adjust your click-to-dial URL/VOIP protocol according to your provider. The setting for this can be found in the VOIP section of the settings menu and is only available if the VOIP functionality is enabled.

Keywords: UD-1682

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