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Attach a file to a Candidate
Attach a file to a Candidate

How to attach a file to a Candidate

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Let's say that you want to add another file, like an application or a contract as an attachment to a Candidate

How do you do that?


  • Click in the menu on 'Files' | 'Candidates'

  • Open the Candidate file

  • Go to the  "Attachments-tab"

  • Click [Browse], you see the files on your computer

  • Select the file you want to attach to the candidate

  • Click [Open]

  • Your file is now visible at 'Select document'

  • Fill in the fields "Type" and "Description"

  • If everything is correct, click the green arrow to save your attachment. 

Also visible at...

In certain cases, attachments are not only visible in the initial liked file, but also in related files. 

In the list below in shown in bold where the attachment is visible initially and in italic where the attachment will be visible. 

Candidate: Matchfile
Job order: Matchfile
Contact: Matchfile, job order file
Company: Matchfile, job order file, contact file
User: All files where the user is the owner
Agency: All files where the owner belongs to the agency.

In the attachment overview you can see the block 'Source'.
This displays to which file the attachment is linked initially. 

Tip: Add directions to the Agency file so the directions are always available. 

Keywords: UD-152

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