Restore a Match

How to restore a deleted Match

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A match is a link between a job order and a candidate. There can only be one link between a candidate and a job order. If a match is removed, the link will also be removed. The information, like motivation, evaluation, source etc is lost. 

It is not possible to restore a match.
But it is possible to find out which matches are deleted. The candidate can be matched manually.


  1. Go to 'Activities' - 'Systemactivities'

  2. Use the following searchfilter:
    - 'Subject' - 'contains' - ''Deleted: match" (use the quotes)
    - 'Owner' - 'is equal to' - "[Name of the owner who deleted the match]"
    - 'Date' - 'is on' - '[Date the owner deleted the match]'

You see the matches that are deleted by the specific owner, on the specific date. A matchnumber is a composition between two files; [joborder_ID].[candidate_ID]. Based on the matchnumber is it possible to match the candidate to the job order manually:

Example: match 1234.5678 is deleted.

  • Open the candidate by searching on:
    'Number' - 'is equal to' - 'the number behind the point, in this case 5678'

  • Click the tab 'Find Job'

  • Find the job order by searching on:
    'Number' - 'is equal to' - 'the number in front of the point, in this case 1234'

  • Click on 'Add to matches' -> the match is now restored

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