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Transfer Matches to other Job Orders
Transfer Matches to other Job Orders

How to set the Matches from one job order to the other

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There are some interesting candidates being matched to a particular Job order.
Now, there is a similar job order available and you wish to transfer the Matches to the one Job order to the new Job order

To transfer the Matches, you have to take the following steps:

  1. Go to the 'Files' | 'Job orders'

  2. Select the Job order with the Matches you wish to transfer. 

  3. Look at the number of the Job order, for example: "456 Manager ICT".

  4. Go back to the 'Files' | 'Job orders'
    Select the new Job order to wish to transfer the Matches to. 

  5. Go to the 'Candidate search' tab en enter the following 'Search filter' : "Matches.joborder.number" ,"Is equal to", "456" (as we used from the example).

  6. Click [Search]
    The Candidates appear who have match to the Job order with the number "456" (as we used from the example). 

  7. Select the Candidates by ticking them

  8. Click [Action], select the option "Add to matches".

  9. Finally there will pop up a warning, are you sure?
    Click [OK], the Candidates will be added as Matches to the chosen Job order

You now have set the Matches from the "old" Job order to the "new" Job order.

Keywords: UD-155


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