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All the information about matches

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What is a match

A match is the connecting of a candidate to a job order. When a match is created the recruitment process starts. Each step in this process is a stage. Using these stages gives information for reporting. A candidate can be matched to more then one job orders.

There are two possibilities to make a match:

  • Automatic: A candidate applies through your website to a joborder

  • Manually: You match one or more candidates to a job order

For more information see Create a Match

Matches overview

The Matches page gives an overview of the progress of the applications. 

There is a tab for each stage-group, and beneath that tab only the matches in that stage-group are shown. 

  1. Stage groups: These tabs show the grouped matches, according to stage groups. Upon configuration, Carerix created the standard Stage groups that you see in the image. The Administrator is able to change these into something more fitting your specific company processes, in the Maintenance menu, under Tables. The table is called "Stage group match".

  2. All Matches: overview of all matches

  3. Search profile (Default): use this to search with saved search options. Make a search profile by saving your search and naming the profile. Useful for frequently used searches.

  4. Search: search between the job orders by using multiple search fields, e.g. "Owner", "Creation Date", "Whole file", "Stage history". 

  5. New line: Add an extra search line to specify your search

  6. Select: Select 'All', 'This page', of 'Nothing'. When matches are selected, the following options will appear:

  7. Action: Choose an Action: 'Take Over', 'Set Owner', 'Create activity' (task/meeting/note) for all matches.

  8. New: create a new match

  9. Print: print the selected match

  10. Select e-mail: choose an e-mail template to send to the candidates/contacts selected in the matches, based on the stage. If this icon does not show, then the Administrator has not installed a template to generate here.

  11. Select Report: choose a Report template. If this icon does not show, then the Administrator has not installed a template to generate here.

  12. Click a match to edit or update

  13. Configuration: add or remove columns in your overview

  14. Preview: open the preview of the match.

  15. Select stage: change the stage of a match. To actually set the stage, click (16), Set stage.

Where are the matches visible?

Matches are visible on various pages:

End stage match

A stage is set to a so-called Endstage when a process for a candidate is finished, meaning that the candidate is rejected, hired or the process has ended on request. 

PS: In the standard configuration the negative end-stages (rejections) have been colored red.

Show Matches

Matches are visible on various pages:

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