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  •  My staff sends e-mail to family and friends that has nothing to do with recruitment
    - Tell your staff to use hotmail or gmail to do so

  • My staff sends e-mail to colleagues that has nothing to do with recruitment (John's birthday: Cake at 11:00)
    -This is perfectly possible in Carerix, it will not show up at the usual procedures

  • The CEO sends messages to the accountant and an advertising company, that should be kept confidential, but they are also part of the recruitment procedures
    - use two e-mail addresses

  • What is the From-address with e-mail sent from Carerix
    - You can determine this per template:
           a] the e-mail address as entered at "my account"
          b] the system e-mail address (user@customer.mail.carerix.net)
    In the latter case, the e-mail will arrive in Carerix, and never in MS-Outlook
    see also: Use your own e-mail address as sender

  • When I login i see a number of pages with e-mail. When i manually browse through my e-mails the number of pages appears to be much smaller. "A:" Carerix only shows the first 1000 e-mails when manually browsing through the pages. The other e-mails are still accessible but will only appear in a specific search result.

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