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The Companies page offers the following:

  • Add a new company

  • Match a company to a job order or a match

  • Shows an overview of all company files in the system
    Please note: these can be both suppliers or companies of different statuses (e.g. client, prospect).

The image above shows a screenshot of the Companies page. The numbers in the image correspond with the following options:

  1. Companies; all companies in the database

  2. Contacts; all contacts in the database

  3. Archived; all archived/deleted companies (for deleted contacts go to Contacts page)

  4. Filter profile; use this to search with saved search options. Make a search profile by saving your search and naming the profile. Useful for frequently used searches.

  5. Search; search within the companies by using multiple search fields

  6. Action; using the Action button allows you to undertake several actions: taking over a company file as a new owner, change ownership to another user, creating an activity (a task/meeting/note) for one or multiple company files, add/remove company files to groups, change status for one or multiple companies, or archive.

  7. Select e-mail; generate an e-mail template

  8. Select Report; choose a Report template

  9. View and edit a company by clicking on it

When opening a Company file, you will be shown different fields. (If these fields do not show, they may have been hidden by your administrator in Configuration profiles.)

All company fields in the General Tab

2nd Company

The second Company is used when a deployment agency has a nice job order at Baker BV, but can't fill this, so they ask you if you have a Candidate for this Job order.
Then you have a Job order at this deployment agency, but in reality a Baker BV.

So in this case the Company is that deployment agency and the second company is Bakker BV.

Keywords: UD-196

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