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Email functionalities
Email functionalities

Information about the most important email functionality and navigation

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Email tabs

  • Received; your received emails

  • Sent; emails that you have sent

  • Drafts; all draft emails, these are not sent yet

  • Archive; archived emails

  • Spam; received emails that are labeled as spam. 

  • Trash; all deleted emails

  • All received; all received emails 

  • All send; all sent emails 

Please note that the "All Received" and "All Sent" options may have been switched off by your administrator.
These tabs show all mails that have been sent and received by you and your colleagues within the company, excluding mails that have been sent as "Confidential".
The administrator can choose to make this tab available for different user roles.


  • Filter; when this shows, you can click the open window to the right, which allows you to create search lines for better filtering in your inbox. You will find the option to save filters there, so you can use your filters at a later time. 

  • "Whole file" allows you to search in the whole email. Searching this way is the quickest, but do keep in mind that "Whole file" doesn't allow you to fill in partial search strings, you have to type the full word. Partial words will not offer any results. Click on the drop down menu to additionally search for options like "Status", "To", "From", "Received", etc. 

  • "contains all of", "is equal to", "contains" offers options for searching. 

  • "New line" offers the possibility to search for extra criteria. "Clear all" clears your search options, so you can start anew.

  • "Filter" actually starts the search.

Select box/Action

When trying to execute an action, select your mails first, then the "Action" button automatically appears, so you can archive mails, link then to files, change the status, move them to spam, etc. Quickly archiving and/or deleting is also possible, by using the icons right next to it. 


This can be opened by clicking on it. The preview on the right hand sight offers you a preview from the mail you're selecting, without actually opening the email. From the preview you can take the following actions by clicking on one of the icons above the mail: Open, print, link, reply, reply all, forward, archive, create a task/meeting/note from the mail, and delete. You can also open the (CV) attachments that are attached to the mail. 


  • The emails that you receive in your inbox will be automatically matched to the files of the candidates/contacts that you have sent this email. This match exists in your inbox (or archive). You can find the attached email in the Activities tab of the candidate/contact. Please note: When you delete this email in your inbox or archive, the email will also be deleted from the Activities tab of the candidate or contact file. If you would like to empty your inbox anyhow, then archive the email that you use for filing information. This way the email history remains accessible.

  • Use search profiles to quickly retrieve information in your inbox and archive.

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