CxSearch! is an additional option in Carerix that simplifies complex searches through semantic search technology. Through one simple search from your job order file you can directly search in multiple (CV) databases and social media like:

  • LinkedIn
  • Nationale Vacaturebank
  • Monster (Monsterboard)
  • Jobbird

CxSearch! offers you a larger chance to find the best candidates for your job orders. Other advantages of CXSearch! include:

  • A very userfriendly interface, direct zeer gebruiksvriendelijke interface, direct werken vanuit Carerix
  • A higher chance to find the best candidates
  • The option to search in multiple databases and social media in one go
  • Possibility to add external profiles to your own Carerix database
  • Saving searches
  • Integrated in your workflow, from job order to match

Search features

CxSearch! features:

  • Clever result ranking
  • Searching with synonyms and related terms
  • Searching in career paths
  • Spelling correction
  • Searching with facets
  • Searching with location
  • Ranking importance


Open a Job Order, click on the tab Search! The first tab shows the Carerix database. The other tabs are external sources: LinkedIn, Nationale Vacaturebank, Monster and Jobbird.

The following precepts apply:

  • Candidates with an attachment of the CVtag file are show, but only when the attachment can be parsed (a picture will not work)
  • Textkernel function tables and synonyms will be used (not the ones in Carerix).
  • You will see the same candidates in Search! that you are allowed to see in Carerix as user.

Candidates in Search! are always up to date

The following things will create automatic updates in Search!:

  • Adding or changing a Candidate attachment
  • Adding or changing the Experiences tab in a Candidate file
  • Changing the following Carerix fields:
    First name
    Last name
    Date of birth
    Driver's license
    Availability date
    Address private, all fields
    Telephone number
    Mobile phone
    Email address

The modification date that you can use for searches in Search! through two facets (modification date to and from) is filled with the date when the candidate is changed in Search!. Exception to this is the initial filling of the Search! database with candidates. In that case the Last Contact field is used for the modification date. Is this field empty, then the last modification date of the candidate file is sent to Search!.

The Carerix field below are leading for Search! searches.

In the CV of Candidate Jan "Amsterdam" is listed as his city of residence.
However, by now Candidate Jan has moved to "London" and this is listed as the right private address in Carerix.
When using Search! you will be able to find Candidate Jan as listed in "London" because the most recent information should be filled
in in the candidate file in the Carerix database, not the CV.  

External sources

  • LinkedIn: you will search LinkedIn public profiles through Google.
  • Nationale Vacaturebank: free preview of possible candidates, you need your personal paid login code to see the full profile.
  • Monster (Monsterboard): your own paid CAT-code is needed to show candidates as results of your search (you ask for this CAT-code with Monsterboard and is added in Carerix to your user profile). Contact the Helpdesk to activate this option.
  • Jobbird: free preview of possible candidates, your own free login code is needed to see the full profile.

User Guide

In the Search! tab in the opened job order, click the "Help" link directly underneath your search line to open the User Guide.

This User Guide is offered by Textkernel and is updated automatically. It offers a wealth of information about the usage of CxSearch!.

Sign up

You can sign up for CxSearch! through our website.

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