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Searching on synonyms

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Add a search profile

You can now do searches in a CV, based on synonyms, for example Function (function1). The Administrator sets the following search-macro as Search Profile:


and saves this profile as "seaching on synonyms". Save this profile to be viewed by everybody, in order for all other Users to make use of this search profile. By using this search profile, one searches Candidates with one or more synonyms of the function in the Job Order in the CV. 

If, for example, in the Notes (synonyms) of a Table-Item the following is present: 

adviser, "adviser mortgage", mortgage adviser, "adviser of mortgages"

then terms will show:

adviser "adviser mortgage" mortgage adviser "adviser of mortgages"
Please watch the spaces and quotation marks (*) This can be used in a search field.

Note: (*) In the macro the word "terms" will make sure that in the right places, there will be quotation marks placed in the right places.

Extra search options (Tips)

  • It is possible to search on Has attachment (is Yes or is No) in many files for example in Candidates and Placements. As a result, all files will be shown that have a minimum of one attachment.

  • In Candidates, you can search on Has CV Attachment (is Yes or is No) and Has Photo attachment (is Yes or is No). In the Matches, you can also search on candidates. Here you can search on Has CV Attachment (is Yes or is No)

  • In Candidates, you can search on E-mail address is Invalid (is Yes or is No) and E-mail addresses" (is empty, is not empty) to make the search criteria ready for a email campaign.

Keywords: UD-1925

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