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Email overview & details

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The email menu in Carerix Seamless for Mobile can simply show your inbox. Which inbox/email address is attached to a User can be determined in the Carerix application. Ask your Administrator for more information on how to arrange/change this or read our extended Help Center Documentation on this topic.

With the filters in Carerix Seamless for Mobile it is possible to show the different folders that are also available in your Carerix application.

By default the inbox will be opened so a list of received email will be provided. With filters it is possible to select a different folder:

  • Inbox

  • Sent

  • Drafts

  • Archive

  • Spam

  • Trash

  • All Received (depending on user role permissions)

  • All Sent (depending on user role permissions)

In the overview you will see a list that will show you the name of the sender and the subject and the truncated (start of the) message body. 

Clicking on the senders name and/or subject will open the email and gives acces to the full message. In the same screen the user again can see the full senders address, possible cc addresses, and a list of related emails (not clickable). Also related files can be found in two ways: 

  • Under the message body - in the same fashion we display linked files in other parts of Seamless. 

  • On the tab 'Related records'

Attachments are available to look-up on the attachments tab.

In the overview, clicking on the little arrow on the right will open a preview pane which shows a little bit more information like:

  • Status

  • Sender

  • Receiver

  • Owner

  • Possible linked files (Candidate, Job Order, Company, Contact, Match and the date the email was received/sent)

Send Emails

It is possible to send emails from your Seamless for mobile application:

  • The User just opens the entity (s)he wants to send an email from. Use the blue icon on the bottom to create an activity: 

  • Select 'Email' and proceed in the process

  • The 'To address' will be filled automatically from the Contact or Candidate record, given an email address is available. For other entities the 'to address' needs to be filled out manually. A valid addressee (xx@yy.zz) is required

  • The 'From address' is not editable

  • CC or BCC is available after clicking on them

  • Confidentiality and priority can be set

  • A subject is mandatory before the send button becomes active

  • Clicking on send will send the email and it will be linked to the entity one started the email creation from automatically

Keywords: UD-2833

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