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Supplier access in the Supplier Portal
Supplier access in the Supplier Portal

SupplierPortal access setup | How does a Supplier get access and what does a supplier see?

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The settings of the Supplier Portal are set together with one of the Carerix Consultants. At the point of delivery the portal is ready to use.

Together with the set-up you will receive a "delivery document" with all needed information regarding Supplier Portal and the settings in Carerix. 

If needed, more Suppliers can be created after delivery. Therefor, you need to follow the steps below.

Settings you can do as a Carerix Administrator

Defining the Supplier in Carerix:

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Companies'

  • Open the desired 'Company-file' or create a new file

  • Go to the 'General-tab' of the Company

  • Go to the panel 'Characteristics'

  • Check "is (also) supplier

Give Supplier access

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Companies'

  • Open the desired 'Company' / Supplier

  • Go to 'Contacts-tab'

  • Open the desired 'Contact' which should have access to the portal

  • Search for the Contact that needs access

  • Go to the panel 'Access'

  • Here you can view and change the Username of the Contact

  • Send the login credentials with an email template (created during Portal set-up)

Define a new Medium

The administrator needs to add a medium for a new Supplier

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Media'

  • Click on [new] to create a new medium
    - Name: "Name of the supplier"
    - Code: File number of the Company/Supplier
    - Check 'Active'
    - Check 'Publish as HTML'
    - Define the Match stage for an application
    - Click [Save] to save the changes

Publish job order for supplier

  1. Go to 'Files' | 'Job orders'

  2. Open the suppliers job order 

  3. Go to the tab publications

  4. Click [New]

  5. Select the desired Medium / Supplier

  6. Fill in the first and last publication date

  7. Check the other fields

  8. Click [Finish]

A Contact only sees the job orders that are intended for his Company.

Rights of Supplier in the Supplier Portal

  • Supplier can view their own Candidates

  • Can create Matches for their Candidates

  • Have insights about the (match) process for the proposed candidates

The Supplier can have multiple Contacts. They are able to view:

  • All Job Orders destined for Suppliers

  • Own Candidates

  • Matches of their own Candidates

Keywords : UD-1934

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