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With Carerix it is possible to send email mailings. Watch the size of the emails because if an email is too big, it could result in a delay in the sending. 


When sending emails, a message appears that the size of the email is too big.


The size of the email is greater than 400 kB and there are more than 200 emails being sent.

If and when an email is larger than 400 kB it is very likely that there are large attachments being used in the email (for example MS-Word, PDF, etc.). Attachments can grow especially large when there are pictures used in them.


Reduce the size of the attachments if it is possible. If it is not possible to reduce the size of the attachment with photo editing software (for example Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or Microsoft Paint).

In some cases you have a good reason to send large attachments by mail. For example when you want to send a presentation or a movie. In this case, don't add this file as an attachment, but paste it somewhere online (for example WeTransfer or your own website). Next, paste a link to the online location in your mail. 


Before sending an email, all the emails need to be prepared. The system checks every 3 minutes if there are emails waiting to be sent. 

If there are emails to be send, these are send in parts of maximum 100 mails or 40 MB. This is to prevent that the emails are marked as spam. This leads to a maximum of (100 * 20) = 2000 emails each hour. 

Keywords: UD-1796

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