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Maximum size of emails
Maximum size of emails

The maximum size of attachments in Carerix is 20MB.

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  • You receive an email that is missing the attachment. The reason: the size of the attachment was bigger than 20MB.

  • You try to send an email with attachments together are bigger than 20MB. A message appears that this isn't possible.  

  • You try to add a file as an attachment. However, the file is bigger than 20MB. A error message appears.


You can't send or receive emails bigger than 20MB in Carerix. The maximum size of attachments in Carerix is 20MB.


  • The maximum of 20MB applies when the email is send from the Carerix e-mail server. If you use your own mail server (SMTP), than a different maximum can apply.

  • The size of the attachments together is shown in the email window (red if the size is bigger than 7MB).


  • To send a email with attachments bigger than 20MB, you can compress the attachment.
    A free tool is for example 7Zip.

  • If you have multiple attachments, you can send the attachments in multiple e-mails.

  • There are several online services where you can store the files. An example is WeTransfer.

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