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You send emails with your Carerix system. Your Carerix system creates the email, and sends it through the mail server (SMTP server) of Carerix. Or if you have your own SMTP server, you can use that one. 

Reasons for using your own SMTP server:

  • Less likely that your emails will be marked as spam
    Some spamfilters check if the SMTP server belongs to your domain. The Carerix SMTP server doesn't belong to your domain.
    Note: You can prevent this by adding Carerix to your SPF record.

  • Rate of sending mails can increase
    Your Carerix system sends by default 1.200 emails an hour. This limit is set so the chance that your mail will be flagged as spam is decreased. If the mails are sent through your own SMTP server, then the rate can be increased to 6.000 emails an hour.

  • Prevent problems with mail within your own domain
    Some mailservers will block mails that come from your own domain. By using your own SMTP server you can prevent this problem.


Set up your own SMTP server using the following method:

  • Log in as Administrator

  • Click 'Tables' in the left menu

  • Click [New]

  • Select table 'Other SMTP server'

  • Fill in the name of your server, for example

  • At login credentials, fill in the username and password for the smtp server (separated by a space).

  • Click 'Finish'

Every user activates this external SMTP server as follows:

  • Log in 

  • Click 'My account'

  • Select the SMTP server at Email settings | Outgoing mail server

  • Click [Save]

Increase the speed

Provide emails with 6.000 units an hour through your Carerix system to your SMTP server? Use the following method:

  • Take an account at a SMTP service, for example:

  • Follow the same instructions as described above at setting up your own SMTP server.

  • Select in the field 'Extra options': "Accepts large amounts of email"


  • The Carerix application server provides every 5 minutes 500 emails to your external SMTP mailserver, if the batch is maximum 80 Mb (read: 160 Kb/email)

  • The Carerix application server needs to be able to send every batch within 1 minute. Large (bulk-)actions that are active at the same time will cause some delay.

  • If the size of an email is larger, then the sending rate will decrease.

  • Check your settings (Maintenance | Settings | General | emailSendLimit): default setting 10.000. Change this value to your own desired maximum. 


  • Use a specialized SMTP service provider. 

  • If the other SMTP server is not working, try putting the SMTP server between brackets: [].

  • It is possible to use a SSL or TLS connection. You can add this by adding the number to the name of the SMTP server
    - []:465 (SSL)
    - []:587 (TLS)

  • Check that your SMTP server is able to process large amounts of emails. 

  • When you added the SMTP, it takes about 15 minutes before you can test it.

Keywords: UD-1897

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