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Mailing with Campaigns
Mailing with Campaigns

Everything you need to know about Mailing with Campaigns

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Carerix offers the possibility to send out a message to a group of contacts or candidates. If you want to follow up on the message (i.e. when you want to invite candidates or contacts to an event), use the Campaign option in Carerix.


As an example we take a situation in which you want to send an invitation to a selection of candidates:


Make sure that there is an e-mail template suitable for campaigns. If not:

  • Create ('Maintenance' | 'Templates') an e-mail message "Invitation mail"

  • Open the e-mail template "Invitation mail"
    Tick the 'visible' box in the selection list on "Candidate (CAMPAIGN)"
    Fill in your text at 'Content'
    Tick the box "html-format" in settings, so you can use HTML in your e-mail.

  • Create (if needed) a Campaign

  • Add Candidates to the UD-364



  • Open a file for a test Candidate
    Open the dropdown menu for candidates and choose the campaign you've created.
    Click [OK]

  • Go to 'Marketing' | 'Campaigns'

  • Open your Campaign, click on the 'Candidates' tab. (This now shows only your test candidate)

  • Choose "Select email", click on the template "Invitation mail" that you have created.
    The mail now opens in a new screen.
    Change the e-mail text if desired.
    Repeat this until the e-mail message works, fill in your own address at "Email address example" and click [Send Example].
    Check whether the email message is correct. If not, repeat the steps above.

  • Once your email message is correct, start using 'real' candidates:

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Candidates', select the desired candidates by ticking the box (or do not tick any of them if you want to select them all), [Action] and choose "Add to Campaign", choose your campaign, and click [OK]

  • Go to your campaign, to the Candidates tab (This now shows all of your candidates)

  • Choose "Select email" , "Invitation mail", and: [Generate emails] 

All email messages will be generated and sent. This might take a couple of minutes.


  • Setting up a campaign for contacts works in the same manner;

  • Make sure that you let your e-mail template choose the right e-mail address: work or private;
    In candidate files only the private address is usually filled
    In contact files only the work address is usually filled
    To make sure the right address is always chosen, tick the box: Use other E-mail address if not available:
    If one of the options is not filled in, Carerix automatically selects the other address.

  • A newly created list of campaigns is not directly visible in Carerix. It helps to log out and back in again, this will show your campaign as visible.

  • You can add a maximum of two thousand files to the campaign at once. When this amount is bigger, you can add the candidates in split selections to your campaign.
    Add as a search criterium: last name starts with a b c
    You now have a smaller list; add these to the campaign.
    Repeat this for last name starts with d e f, g h i etc. until you've worked your way through the whole alphabet.


  • When adding the e-mail template to the entity "Candidate (CAMPAIGN)" this is not the same as the entity "Candidate".

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