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Troubleshoot Trigger doesn't work

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Use Triggers in Carerix to have things done automatically, for example when a match status changes to 'rejected', put the candidate status on 'unsuitable'. 


When it seems like a Trigger doesn't work, it can be because a Trigger has been activated before with the same event. To demonstrate this take the following steps:

  • Put the stage and status back on the old values.

  • Change the stage back to 'rejected', now you can see nothing happens.


A Trigger would take non-stop action when an event has taken place:

  • Put a value on X, causing Trigger 1 to run, which changes a value to Y

  • Now trigger 2 runs, putting the value back to X

  • And trigger 1 goes again..

To prevent this, a Trigger is only run once on a file. 


Problem described above only happens within a session.
To have a Trigger run again, log out and in again.

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