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Anonymizationtool - Activation
Anonymizationtool - Activation

GDPR - How to activate the Anonymizationtool and set the fields and related items that must be deleted in Carerix

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Anonymization - GDPR in Carerix

When a candidate does not give consent to saving their personal information in your system, the GDPR demands that the candidate record will be deleted.
Use the Anonymizationtool in Carerix to delete the personal information.
This tools will enable you to delete personal information for one candidateat a time but also in bulk action.

Please note: Record can not be restored after anonymizing! Make sure you make a correct selection, because this action is permanent. 

The Carerix Administrator needs to activated this tool in 3 steps:

  1. Set the fields and related items that must be deleted (candidates)

Availablity in Carerix

When the anonymizationtool is activated, the users with an Administrator Userrole, have access to this tool.  If you would like to give access to this tool to other Users, you can set this in the Userrole functionality. 

The anonymizationtool becomes visible on two ways after activation:

1. Per Candidate or Contact, by clicking on the 'Anonymize' button in the Candidate or Contact file. 

2. Multiple Candidates or Contacts at once by selecting multiple files in the overview, click on the 'Action' button and and choose for 'Anonymize Candidate' or 'Anonymize Contact'. 

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