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Activation Anonymization Tool
Activation Anonymization Tool

Settings | Privacy | Process and save personal information

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The Carerix Administrator is able to activate the  Anonymization Tool and other GDPR tooling


In this setting you will activate all GDPR tools in Carerix: Anonymization, Triggers, Filters, Searchlines, Fields.  

The anonymization tool is available for both Candidates and Contacts. 

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Settings'  

  •  Block 'Privacy', field  'UsePrivacyRestrictions' change to"YES". 


You also need to adjust the Settings of "Attributes and Fields" for anonymizing Candidates and Contacts. 

New items will appear within the system

  • Within the Candidate and Contact file, a button to anonimize will appear.

  • Within the Candidate and Contact overview, the possibility to anonimize files in bulk. 

  • Within the Candidate file, a new panel with the name "Process and save personal information". 

  • New columns in the Candidate overview.

  • New filters in the Candidate overview. 

  • New options within Triggers.

GDPR articles

Keywords : UD-2039, Activate

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