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Register candidate consent for the storage of personal information
Register candidate consent for the storage of personal information

GDPR - How to use the Anonymization tool | Process and Save Personal information

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Within the framework of GDPR multiple periods of consent can be applied.
For the law it may be mandatory to store information for a longer time than has been agreed upon with the candidate when they were added to the database, for example when a candidate works for you.

Process and Save Personal Information

After the activation of the anonymization tool new candidate fields will be visible.

Where will you find these fields:

  • Go to 'Files'

  • Go to 'Candidates'

  • 'General Tab'

  • Scroll down to block 'Process and Save Personal Information'

You will be able to work with different periods of time for consent, it is possible to change this period of time (1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2, 3, 5 and 7 years).
The 'Consent period' decides an 'Expiry date" that shows in the candidate file.

Search and overview

The consent status and approval date are available for searching and showing in overviews (since Carerix release 5.0.190)
This allows the recruiter to easily filter candidates with a revoked consent status and to handle accordingly. 


The 'Consent date' can be used to automate your GDPR process with triggers, e.g. by sending an automatic email to your responsible recruiter that the consent date of the candidate is about to expire.
Please read the article: GDPR automate your processes with triggers

This functionality is not visible in Carerix?

Please ask your Administrator to activate the Anonymization tool (GDPR)


Keywords: UD-2001

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